Lawsuit Filed in Jerome Vacation Rentals Dispute

Jerome | Ron Chilston

Late last year, we told you about a long-simmering controversy in the old mining town of Jerome, a hot Arizona tourism destination. It stemmed from a story in our November 2014 issue on the town's John Riordan House, which had recently been restored and was being rented out to tourists.

Some in Jerome believe such "vacation rentals" are illegal in residential areas. Back then, town officials didn't seem to share that view. But in February, the John Riordan House's owner, Glenn Odegard, received a letter from Jerome saying his business violated the town's zoning ordinance.

Now, as Phoenix radio station KJZZ reported last month, the conservative Goldwater Institute think tank has filed a lawsuit against Jerome on behalf of Odegard and three other homeowners seeking to rent their homes as vacation rentals.

The homeowners claim the town changed its zoning rules in the middle of the game. Odegard told KJZZ that he communicated with town officials multiple times and even obtained a business license before starting to rent the John Riordan House.

Odegard and the other homeowners will remain open for business until the lawsuit is settled, which could happen early next year, KJZZ reported.


I would say if the homes aren't updated and retain their historical architecture, I don't see a problem with it.

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